The Allergen Containment Enclosure is based upon a design principle widely used in pharmaceutical companies, for the control of dust. Commonly referred to as the Powder Control Booth, the device gives three measures of protection.

Firstly, it extracts air close to the dust source, thus minimising the airborne hazard. Secondly, it covers the entire area with ultra clean class 100 down flow air, and thirdly, maintains an inward flow of air to the enclosed area to prevent the escape of any contaminant to the surrounding environment. Using such a system can reduce operator and environmental exposure to a very low level, without restricting the procedure in any way. The unit also offers a degree of product protection, afforded by the class 100 air inside the enclosure, which can be beneficial for aseptic handling purposes.

Features and Benefits

  • The area surrounding the down flow filters is at negative pressure ensuring any leaks around filter gaskets will be upward and away from the operator.
  • Fan replacement (if necessary) is easy and safe as it is carried out from within the enclosure.
  • The return air plenum may be made significantly narrower and less complex such that the overall floor footprint is minimised.
  • The front of the downflow plenum is supported by two box section stainless steel legs on self-levelling feet, which makes access possible from three sides.
  • Slatted PVC drapes are hung from the perimeter of the down flow plenum to improve containment and would be trimmed around the conveyor once in position on site.
  • The fans are powered from a control panel fitted in the back wall of the enclosure, which also carries all instrumentation and control indicators, switches and displays etc. Lighting is provided within the enclosure by four tear drop high frequency strip lights, located between the downflow filters.
  • To the side of the downflow plenum is fitted a duct box which connects the exhaust filter (fitted to a recess in the side of the plenum) to an existing duct.
  • Two off perforated downflow benches may be positioned within the ACE. These have a 15% free area perforated stainless steel surface and an air connection aperture at the rear to allow air to enter the perforate from above and be drawn away into the fine dust filters of the enclosure. The benches may be placed anywhere along the rear wall or be omitted entirely, making the design very flexible for both current and future applications.