The Arrowmight Ventilated Cabinet has been developed to provide a clean environment for the housing of a variety of rodent species, whilst offering containment and protection to the operator, environment and animals.  The continuous circulation of HEPA filtered air significantly reduces micro-organisms, dust and allergen contamination within the animal holding room, whilst also reducing the risk of infection to the animal.

Features and Benefits

  • Cabinet is manufactured in lightweight powder coated mild steel complete with four stainless steel castors, two of which are braked
  • Two acrylic hinged front doors complete with locking mechanism
  • Inlet pre-filter and inlet and outlet HEPA filtration
  • Adjustable stainless steel rod shelves
  • Self-regulating control system monitors air change rate, air temperature & humidity
  • East to use membrane control panel
  • Removable light units (fluorescent or LED) available on request
  • Cabinets can be designed to hold specific sizes of cage
  • Thimble system