With over 30 years’ experience in primate housing design, manufacture and installation, Arrowmight has become the supplier of choice for organisations planning new or refurbished primate facilities.

With many institutions preferring to move away from the traditional stainless steel caging, we have pioneered the use of alternative construction materials, such as tempered safety glass and high impact laminates. These, coupled with our custom designed hard anodised aluminium building extrusions, has led to huge steps forward regarding animal welfare, offering greater visibility and enrichment for both staff and animals.

Utilising a modular building system our bespoke designs offer unrivalled flexibility. Wall panels can be either floor mounted or built into our plinth system to minimise cross contamination between units and maintain floor substrate and litter.

To maximise the animal housing area we also offer high level viewing galleries which extend beyond the front line of the pens allowing social interaction between animals and increased visibility, together with low profile pen to pen hatches and tunnels which expand play areas and encourage exercise and mobility.

For working units that require a crushback system we can offer a range of solutions from mechanical to pneumatic, which can be incorporated into your final design and sized to suit a wide range of species.  We can also supply removable catching boxes and recovery caging which link to the pen access doors and simplify the task of moving the animals.

Standard or bespoke food hoppers and water bottles can be supplied with your system or we can install a full automatic watering system connected to an existing water supply.

Our innovative designs and housing solutions have been used in many state of the art installations around the world and we can arrange viewing visits to ensure that best animal welfare practice continues to be shared.