Our dog metabolism caging has been developed over the years to be simple to use whilst still providing quality samples.  To achieve this, the caging has a structurally designed polished stainless steel collection tray, which has a woven mesh insert panel to assist with the separation of urine and faeces.  A removable front panel allows easy access.  Sample contamination is avoided by positioning the food and water outside the cage.

To meet individual needs, the caging is available in a range of sizes.


Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from electro-polished stainless steel with removable front, side and floor panels to aid cleaning
  • Food and water availability is controlled from the exterior of the cage to avoid sample contamination
  • Arrowmight dog metabolism caging is structured to give excellent urine and faeces separation and collection
  • Optional extras include dog beds, automated watering and perspex sides