Mobile Poultry Racks are available in a standard 2-Tier or 3-Tier design.  Other bespoke configurations can be manufactured to suit individual requirements.


The Arrowmight Poultry Nest Box is a self-contained housing solution designed to provide a safe and secure environment for egg laying poultry to nest and allows technicians to safely collect eggs and data on the test subjects.

Formed in polypropylene, the nesting box is divided into three equal sections with an open front and hinged rear hatch, the floor of the nesting box is sloped to the rear, allowing for eggs to roll into an integrated, open collection gulley located outside the pen.  The nest box has a removable top for easy access to clean.  A polypropylene support valance is located on the base of the box.  All panel faces and joints are finished smooth to allow for easy and efficient cleaning when not in use.

Overall dimensions:  968mm (L) x 425mm (D) x 433mm (H).


Features and Benefits:

  • Racks are manufactured in stainless steel with autoclavable castors
  • Removable hinged stainless steel rod doors complete with locking mechanism
  • Removable plastic waste trays
  • Polypropylene sheet levels to prevent spillage from the cage above to the one below
  • Sloped floors are provided to enable eggs to roll out to front of cage
  • Removable food and water troughs
  • Heat Lamps
  • Plastic poultry drinking cups
  • AWDS
  • Water tanks