The Argus sophisticated hardware, radio telemetry and user-friendly software give you the information you need at your fingertips, freeing you to concentrate on the real task in hand. Argus puts you in complete control. You’ll know that environmental variables in every corner of the laboratory or workplace are being minutely scrutinised and data collected and interpreted with pinpoint accuracy and total security.

Argus can be configured to meet any monitoring demands. Its scalability and total flexibility means it can be deployed cost-effectively in environments ranging from the smallest university laboratory, to large research or production centres.

Argus can monitor variables such as:
• Temperature
• CO2
• Current
• Light
• Humidity

If you have a requirement to monitor a variable that is not mentioned above, please contact us as we can create custom sensors for most requirements.


Features and Benefits

  • Instantly monitors variables throughout your laboratory or workplace
  • Fully scalable and flexible to meet your changing requirements
  • User-friendly, individually tailored PC software
  • Integrates sensors, radio telemetry and wired bus systems
  • Full range of information displays, data output options and alarm notification
  • Secure remote access (with electronic signature password)
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:200 standards and meeting GMP and GLP requirements
  • All calibration carries UKAS endorsement
  • Software, security and audit trail requirements comply with CFR21 part 11 guidelines