3D  Combined descaler, detergent and disinfectant
3D-LF  Low foam version of 3D for use at lower temperatures
Acitol  Mildly acidic rinse additive based on citric acid
Aluwash  Non-caustic detergent for use on sensitive metals. Can also be used as neutraliser in 3 stage rackwashers
Biclene  Low-foam detergent sanitiser safe to use on sensitive metals
Cachel  The ultimate neutral cagewashing / bottlewashing detergent
Elrinse  Acidic bottlewashing rinse additive
Powderklor  Chlorinated dishwasher powder
Rincide  Bacterial sulfactant rinse additive
Scalfree  Acidic descaler / detergent
Softdet  High-causticity detergent for glass & plastics
Solquest  Caustic detergent for hard water applications
Solsaf  Similar application to Aluwash but for hard water usage
Ultra QLF  High-active quaternary ammonium terminal sanitiser