Alcosan  Alcohol sanitiser for use after washing hands
Challenge  High-active detergent / sanitiser for manual cleaning
Compo-clene Cleaner specifically for composition flooring
Conc. Sulphuric Acid  Used for pH balancing in reverse-osmosis equipment
Detsan  Low cost detergent / sanitiser for general surface cleaning
Grime-Go  High-efficiency hard surface cleaner
Grime-Go Plus As above but with pine fragrance
Handsan  Bacterial liquid hand soap, available with or without fragrance
Labdet  Soak cleaner for heavily soiled laboratory glassware
Shower gel  Available in 3 fragrances (Neutral, Spice or Frangipan)
Stainless steel polish  Protects stainless steel equipment and gives streak-free finish
Washup  General purpose detergent for manual use