Product 7kg 10 x 500ml 10 x 1ltr 6 x 2ltr 6 x 200 per pack Other 4 x 5ltr 2 x 10ltr 25ltr 200ltr 1000ltr
3-D x x x x x
3-D LF x x x x x
Acitol x
Alcosan x
Aluwash x x x x
A/Klor No. 1 x
A/Klor No. 2 x
Briteox 12 sprays
Biciene x x x x
Cachel x x x x
Challenge x x x
Compo-Clene x
Conc. Sulph x
Detsan x x
Dis Wipes
Elrinse x x x
Elwash x x x
Shower Gel* 4 boxes per pack
Frangipane* x
Spice* x
Neutral* x
Grime-Go x x x
Grime-Go+ 12 sprays x x x
Handsan x x
Handsan Perf. x x
Klorite x x x
Kloroxide x
Klortabs x
Labdet x
Pineclene x x x
Powderklor x
Rincide x x x
S/S Polish x x
Scalfree x x x x
Softdet x x x x
Soft x
Solar x
Solquest x x x x
Solsaf x x x x
Ultra-QLF x x x
Ultra-QLFSC x x x
Ultra-Quat x x x
Washup x x x

Delivery Charges

All prices quoted include delivery (unless it is a single pack order quantity when there would be a £15 delivery charge (excluding VAT).

All above chemicals are usually ex-stock and delivered within 4 – 7 working days

Safety data sheets and product information sheets are available on request for the above chemicals.