Each individual cage is fully isolated and has its own computer-controlled air supply and pressure regulation.

You can select either positive or negative pressure mode, depending on requirements. Both allergens and pathogens are contained in either positive or negative pressure modes. If maintained properly this system prevents leakage from the cage into the surrounding environment.

Total or Smart Filtration – The Choice is Yours

Fully sealed MaxisealTOTAL or MaxisealSMART option with a passive filter. The passive filter, when using MaxisealSMART ensures animal safety when the cage is removed from the rack for a prolonged period.


Features and Benefits

  • Cage level HEPA filtration maintains operator and animal protection when removed from the rack
  • Optional MaxisealSMART passive filter ensures animal safety when cage is removed from the rack
  • Computer-controlled AMU with dual fans, HEPA filters and “set-and-forget” values for air change rate in positive or negative pressure modes
  • Battery back-up power supply – constant battery back-up in case of power failure, which allows the unit to be moved while still in operation
  • HEPA filtration at cage level prevents the need to clean the rack and air plenums


> IVC Filtration Datasheet
> Maxiseal IVC Brochure