Floor Area: 1600cm2

Cage Base Dimensions: 425mm (w) x 585mm (l) x 200mm (h)

Overall Height with Lid: 286mm

Material: Polysulphone / polycarbonate

Houses: Up to 4 rats at 400g


Features and Benefits

  • Aerodynamically designed cage with sealed top and completely non-penetrative air inlet and extraction system
  • HEPA filtration at cage level as standard ensures total containment both off and on the rack
  • Optional MaxisealSMART passive filter ensures animal safety when cage is left off the rack
  • Overcentre safety clip compresses the silicone seal when in use and the unique Safelock feature enables the clip to be secured when the lid is removed from the base during washing and handling
  • ‘Full’ and ‘half’ top options allow for a fully sealed system or one in which the water supply is changeable without disturbing the cage. (ie. internal or external bottle)
  • Silicone compression seal creates a complete seal around the cage
  • Internal cage dividers offers enrichment or can create two shared-air 200cm2 cages


> IVC 1600 Cage Datasheet
> Maxiseal IVC Brochure