The 31 cage mini IVC holds the 420cm2 cage. The system has been designed for animal transfer from one area to another and for where space is limited.

Mini Rack Dimensions: 1060mm (w) x 410mm (l) x 1400mm (h)

AMU Dimensions: 400mm (w) x 350mm (l) x 500mm (h)


Features and Benefits

  • The AMU comprises a simple, single fan unit with HEPA filtration to both supply and exhaust. A mechanical valve configures the system to run a cage rack in either positive or negative pressure mode
  • The unit is 24v DC and runs off battery power when not connected to the mains. Stand-by battery run times are typically 12 hours continuous or 5 days intermittent. There are indicators on the control panel for mains or battery operation, fan on/off, alarm test and reset, and positive and negative pressure modes. A mini-helic gauge also shows the average cage air change rate, which may be adjusted with the manual fan speed controller


> IVC Racking Datasheet
> Maxiseal IVC Brochure